Why I’m Not Selling Siga Technologies (SIGA)

Published July 29, 2022

SIGA was up 25% yesterday.

It feels like a classic meme stock.

Now look at the news:

San Francisco declared Monkeypox an emergency.

We have 36 cases in Massachusetts.

Just in case you’re an idiot, I’m going to explain this in plain English: Monkeypox is SCARY SH*T and I do not want anyone to get it.

I’m much more scared of getting Monkeypox than the big C.

But I’m in stocks to make money and this feels like a massive opportunity since this story is only starting to emerge.

I’m not selling a single share of SIGA. Maybe I’ll put in a trailing stop just because you know how meme stocks go… but for now I’m locked and loaded.

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