Resources for #memestock Traders!

You may be overwhelmed by all the trading information you see out there.

So we wanted to give you a collection of resources to help you get the information you need. 

PLEASE NOTE: these are not official endorsements. We are simply presenting resources you may find helpful.

Meme Stocks & Related Information

Meme Stock Daily: The world's #1 meme stock newsletter with amazing free ideas!

The ULTIMATE List of Meme Stocks: Check out the official unofficial list of meme stocks, straight from the ApesRT team. See quotes, charts, and more!

The Meme Stock Glossary: Apes, hedgies, diamond hands, and more! Learn what the h-e-double-l people are talking about in meme stock land.

Stock Market Quotes & Other Information

Yahoo Finance is incredibly helpful, and one of the largest financial media companies in the world. You can look at stock quotes, financial news, and especially for its earnings calendar. Earnings play a major role in the performance of a stock as well as future projections, making the earnings calendar an essential tool. provides free stock charts, stock screener software, and a historical database. This enables traders to find helpful info about the stocks they follow.

Investopedia provides a nearly endless encyclopedia of trading and financial terms so you can understand how pretty much all parts of the market work.

FactSet is a great place to find hardcore data on stocks, especially as it pertains to earnings and price performance. If you are a serious data junkie, you'll love it.

MarketWatch has a huge selection of news, opinion, pieces, and trader tools. They cover just about everything you need to know about markets, albeit in a bit of an old school way. (may be good or bad do to you)

StockTwits is an awesome real-time community full of serious traders that love to talk markets all day. Think of it as Twitter, but only the stock market stuff.

DailyFX is a forex site, but it's not just for currency traders. They cover a ton of economic news and have one of the best global economic and central bank calendars out there.

High Short Interest is a great site to follow if you are looking for names prime for short squeezes. Right on their home page, you can see which stocks are the most highly shorted. Who knows? You may find a future #memestock here.

Cboe is great for investors who are hoping to learn more about trading options without paying a dime for courses or books. As a major options exchange, Cboe simply wants to grow the population of options traders, so they offer a great variety of educational materials without any hype or bias.

Shorting Stocks Information

Fintel: this site has some awesome stats on stocks, and we especially love their table on the most heavily shorted stocks. It's really helpful for finding heavily shorted stocks that could pop hard.

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