Monkeypox Coming to Schools

Published August 8, 2022

Here’s the first day of school in big cities:

Los Angeles August 15
Austin: August 18
Miami: August 19
Chicago: August 22
Philadelphia: August 29
New York City: September 8

Guess what that means?

More monkeypox cases, especially since testing will expand. 

And when you perform more tests, you get more positive readings.

Scientists are even studying wastewater to detect monkeypox.

And yes, I am still long Siga Technologies (SIGA) because of its Tpoxx treatment. (not I’m not calling anything a vaccine ever again…)

Make no mistake.


But I think the US and other countries will do everything possible to avoid looking complacent.

So I believe Tpoxx will get full FDA approval and the government will order a sh*t ton of it.

But it’s no sure thing so act accordingly.

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