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Apes RealTime!

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About the ApesRealTime Discord Server

We the WallStreetBets experience real-time so we're not limited by the limits of Facebook groups.

We operate under two simple principles:

  1. We don't need the Wall Street Boomerati telling us what we can invest in
  2. We can talk about what we want, when we want

About ApesRT

ApesRT is the WallStreetBets experience in real-time, without the interference of algorithms and censors.

We're building this community on a new platform so we can escape Facebook's limitations.

ApesRT is based around 2 simple ideas:

  1. We are adults and we can invest our money any way we want
  2. We don't need a giant Silicon Valley company to tell us which stocks we can talk about

Want in?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Apes Mean?
   -Apes = Active Professional Equity Specialists. Seriously.

When will ApesRT officially launch?
   -We are targeting early August.

What are the rules?
   -Wanna talk about AMC? GME? It's up to you.
   -Bullying and hate speech will not be tolerated.
   -But beyond that,  discussions will develop organically.

Why is there a waiting list?
   -To ensure proper testing, we will only let new users in a batch at a time to ensure prop

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